The Ordinariness of it all

selected washroom portrait

Here I am drying my hands in the Penn bookstore washroom.  What I like about this piece, like the earlier Come Again series, is how ordinary it becomes. What I mean is, for instance, I wear the noose so that the knot is behind me not in front, and, in doing so, I go about my daily routine, but with this one detail. People only see the occurrence of a rope around my neck, the noose is afterwards. As it is, the piece hangs on the fringes. Eventually, it becomes unseen. Likewise, with Come Again when I dressed in overalls I affected the appearance of a laborer albeit one hoisting a large black and blue phallus up and down Philly streets. Similarly, I go to stores, buy gas, do the things everyone does in a matter-of-fact way. I really want the piece, the action to fade into the background and live on the fringes, much like dread and terror, foreign and domestic, has become so commonplace as to be a part of our lives.

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